jeff on 26 Apr 2008 18:33:42 -0700

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[PLUG] Hardy Report

Last night I upgraded my main pc from Gutsy to Hardy.  A few weeks back 
I upgraded one of my work boxes similarly.

The upgrade was painless, assuming that a 30minute operation that takes 
five hours can be referred to as painless.  I suspect there was rather a 
lot of network congestion as the problem was not local.

To be specific, we're talking Xubuntu, which is Ubuntu with XFCE grafted 
on top of it.  After rebooting, I couldn't log in.  After re-rebooting, 
I logged in.  I chalked this up to my innate ability to cause odd things 
to happen by proximity.

There was something or other that needed to be done sudo, at which point 
I ran into my first issue.  It kept telling me it couldn't resolve the 
machine.  A quick Google showed a number of others with the same 
problem.  You actually have to use the GUI networking client to fix the 
issue (put the machine name in sans workgroup or domain).  This was 
apparently an issue *before* the release of 8.04 LTS.  Hmmmm....

That aside, I don't have any serious complaints.  It looks exactly like 
the previous version.  It hasn't made a hiccup on the work box in the 
few weeks it's been there.    Will report later if anything significant 
comes up.

The big test may be my laptop, but I'm not feeling all that suicidal today.

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