Trevor Pankonien on 28 Apr 2008 11:11:57 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] syslog - any easy way out?

On the topic of netflow, does anyone know of a good (free) frontend for 
analyzing netflow information.  Tried ntop, but that was unable to keep up 
with a large amount of information coming off of a CMTS.  nfdump seems 
promising but thus far I have been unsuccessful in getting nfsen (WebUI for 
nfdump) setup properly.  If anyone has any other suggestions I would be happy 
to hear them.
On Monday 28 April 2008 12:00:02 rmsolino wrote:
> jeff wrote:
> > I'm unclear on how it would assist in the case of tracking down who or
> > what is sucking up bandwidth at an unprecedented rate.  Last time things
> > got sluggish I took a firewall dump, fed it into Wireshark and came up
> > with the bandwidth-sucking IP's (yes, it's not fair, those Beyonce
> > videos were job-related).
> ok, you need to know who top-talkers are. Do you have access to your
> routers?
> If you can enable "netflow" you can collect info about endpoints and
> protocol/traffic for analysis.
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