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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu Hardy and Wubi on Windows

On Saturday 03 May 2008 22:21:56 jeff wrote:
> correct me if I'm wrong, but when I was reading about this, I got the
> impression that linux got installed *inside* windows.  I avoided this
> intentionally because Windows is only going to become unstable and
> probably will fail at some point, taking linux with it.

I was thinking the same thing.  I have been maintaining a bunch of windows 
boxes lately and have noticed that when things go wrong, they are more often 
than not, irreparable. OTOH, I have found that no matter how much of a PITA 
it sometimes can be, more often than not Linux can be repaired.

I could see the converse, installing Windows in a big file within Linux, but 
don't trust Windows to host my Linux.

Wubi sounds good for people who are windows users, want to try Linux, want 
more than a Live boot, but aren't committed to a switch.

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