Art Alexion on 14 May 2008 17:48:01 -0700

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[PLUG] HTML mail nostalgia

I just sent an HTML formatted message to the list.  I thought it was 
appropriate in conveying what I wanted to say, but sending it reminded me 
that when I first joined this list around 2001, there was talk of filtering 
out messages that contained HTML and, at some point, banning those who sent 
it.  There was similar talk about top posting.

I mostly don't like HTML mail and top posting (though there are rare instances 
where it is appropriate), and hate thread hijacking, I am glad that those 
measures were never taken.  Over time, it seems, everyone ends up adopting 
the list norms without such threats, and the list is better off without that 
nasty enforcement.

[thank you for indulging my digression into nostalgia] 

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