Elizabeth Bevilacqua on 14 May 2008 20:41:03 -0700

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[PLUG] Central June Presentation - Image Editing speakers confirm please

At the last PLUG Central meeting we discussed a series of Lightning
talks on Image Editing in Linux as a topic for June 4th meeting. The
following were proposed:

POV-Ray and MetaPost - John Kirk
Making a square in Gimp - Jim Barrett
Inkscape - I didn't get his name..
Krita - Matthew Rosewarne (but he needs somone who can draw :))
SNG - Toby DiPasquale

Can those of you who volunteered just drop me a note to confirm you'll
be able to do a 7-10 minute talk? And anyone else who is interested is
more than welcome to suggest other things they'd be interested in
doing a quick presentation on.


Elizabeth Bevilacqua
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