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Re: [PLUG] Apache2 zip support

On Friday 16 May 2008 05:43:50 pm Doug Crompton wrote:
> My mistake, I was accidentally looking at two systems. Both http php info
> and php -v report the 5.2.0 version.
> I would download and compile a new version but m concern is breaking
> something. Is there a way to determine how my current version of php was
> compiled? With what switches?

this was answered by george, but i should add that you can probably compile 
the extension itself without compiling all of php, by installing 
whatever -dev package provides the php header files and then installing the 
zip extension via pecl (it's probably easy as something 
like "pecl install foo", though i don't use pecl myself... i suggest you do a 
little googling on that.)

alternatively if that's not an option, what i imagine is the most likely way 
to avoid errors/breakage is to download the src rpm for php from your distro, 
install any build deps, open up the spec file, and modify the configure line 
that should be in there to include the appropriate options, and then rebuild 
the rpms.

> The original error was in wordpress. I was trying to use an auto upgrade
> plug-in and when I tried to enable the module it did a check which gave
> back an error that zip support was not enabled and to contact my server.
> That is all is said, zip support. I thought there might be some wordpress
> users on this list.

you also might want to try askign a wordpress users list to make sure that 
this is actually the problem and not something else so that you don't waste 
any time on a wild goose chase.


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