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Re: [PLUG] OT: Seeking Linux Employment


Are you looking for consulting work, or full time employment?

I'm not a recruiter, and not a hiring manager, but over the years,
I seem to have accumulated a huge network of technical contacts,
so I have a pretty steady stream of friends asking me to help them
fill positions.  Currently, I can think of two that you might be
interested in:

- Consulting:
  I'm a one-man software company and have worked closely with the
  same consulting agency for over 10 years.  I highly recommend them,
  but they will only deal with you as an independent corporation,
  not as an employee.  It's a great deal.  You have all the freedom
  of a one-man corp, with the right to work for anyone you choose,
  to focus on any technology you prefer, to set up your own retirement
  plan and tax-defer as much income as legally allowed, to take as
  much vacation or as many sabbaticals as you like, etc.  Of course,
  with all that freedom comes a lot of responsibility, but I've found
  that I can farm all of that out to others.  I have my accountant
  and a payroll organization do all of my corporate taxes and other
  paperwork.  My lawyer does any legal work I require, and my
  insurance agent handles the insurance.  The consulting company does
  all the marketing, finding of local clients (nothing more than 45
  minutes or so from my home in Malvern, so no air travel or anything),
  rate negotiation, billing, etc., and keeps a very small percent of
  the bill rate, paying me the rest.  All I have to do is the technical
  work that I love so much!

- Employee:
  A friend of mine runs a small local consulting company (40 people
  or so, I think), and is looking for a couple of project managers
  to run projects at his local clients.  Again, no travel involved.
  He's also in Malvern, just 15 miles from Swarthmore.  He is trying
  to hire full time employees to fill these positions.

If you are interested in either, let me know.

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Erek Dyskant wrote:

>Howdy All,
>	I'm currently a System Admin and Project Manager for an Internet
>consulting company based out of Western New York.  On the system admin
>side I manage their server infrastructure, which is a combination of
>shared hosting, dedicated servers, and dedicated clusters.  On the
>project management end, I manage web application development projects,
>and also do some PHP coding as needed.
>	We use primarily a LAMP stack with CentOS for our web application
>customers, with a smattering of other technologies as needed. We're also
>in the proof of concept stage for a Xen cluster to offer virtual
>dedicated clusters for web hosting customers (a combination of several
>xen instances per customer, load balancing, and shared storage)
>	I have family ties to the Philly area and would be interested in moving
>back.  I'm looking for a system administrator, senior system
>administrator, project manager, or product manager position.
>	You can download a copy of my resume from
>Erek Dyskant
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