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Re: [PLUG] How to figure out my UPS needs

TuskenTower wrote:
> Any idea on the where to find specs for how long a cable operator is
> supposed to stay up after power loss?  I searched for CO power
> capacities after hurricane katrina, but came up with stuff from other
> states.  The PA state website did not turn up anything specific.  I
> did find a doc saying that 911 call centers had to have at least 7days
> worth of fuel for their power generator.
Cable is typically unregulated, so I think the answer is "There isn't a 
document". You might want to ask a tech who comes out, especially if 
they're working on the street boxes, since they don't usually allow 
contractors to do that work. The last guy I talked to with TW said the 
batteries in their cabinets died years ago, and they didn't have enough 
people resources to go around and replace them. 99% of the time, when 
there is a power outage, people don't notice if the cable is out because 
their TV doesn't work anyway.

I'm not sure how it works now cable operators offer telephone service. I 
doubt they guarantee much in terms of extended power outages. Most 
people have cordless phones they don't put on UPS, so who cares if the 
cable is out and your phones don't work?

I always keep a clean pair from the telco around. AT&T charges me $12/mo 
for the cheapest line I can get my hands on. The last power outage I 
experienced, my line and DSL stayed up, but my cable died almost right 
away (hence my conversation with TW).

Personally, I'd be more concerned with someone taking out a cable some 
where and the operator dragging their ass on repairs. You can usually 
ride a telco pretty hard after a day for a residential line that is out 
(then set the PUC on them), but a cable provider probably won't care.

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