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Re: [PLUG] How to figure out my UPS needs

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 4:37 PM, David Coulson <david@davidcoulson.net> wrote:
> Michael Leone wrote:
>> Seriously - how often does your power go out for more than a day? Or
>> more than say 4-5 hours? I can't remember the last time my power was
>> out (in South Philly) for hours ....
> You also have to consider how long your cable/telco has battery power
> for. Most have generators at the CO, but if your DSL comes off an RT or
> your local cable company has a box on a pole, they probably don't budget
> for more than 6-12hrs, and that was before that last round of expensive
> upgrades that doubled power utilization.
> David

Any idea on the where to find specs for how long a cable operator is
supposed to stay up after power loss?  I searched for CO power
capacities after hurricane katrina, but came up with stuff from other
states.  The PA state website did not turn up anything specific.  I
did find a doc saying that 911 call centers had to have at least 7days
worth of fuel for their power generator.

For the curious, this is the PA state emergency agency website:

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