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Re: [PLUG] utility to image a linux host?

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I was literally opening my eMail client to post a very similar request.   
> I've got Gentoo pretty well where I like it, but it's a booger to get it to 
> here.  (Also takes a long time).  I'd like to create a ISO image of my hard 
> drive so that if I ever want to go back to this stage, I just boot to the 
> DVD, and presto, it's there.
> How do you do this with dd?

ah! another gentoo user!

first off, per boxbackup's site, you might want to be aware of this bug:

"If a file is modified or replaced by another file with the same
modification time, Box Backup will ignore the fact that the file has

This is arguably a bug in Gentoo, which affects other incremental backup
solutions as well, but we are working on a fix for this."[1]

That being said, what you both want is "baremetal restore" capability.

you'll want to look into a project called "mondo"[2] (NOT to be confused
with the system monitor of the same name[3]). it's a HUGE suite (in
terms of tools available, not actual size), but will DEFINITELY let you
do what you want to do, and offer great flexibility while doing so. even
has a curses interface!

morgan, i don't know what distro you're using so you might need to grab
the source[4] for it and its inter-project dependencies[5].





[5] "Dependencies" section
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