Michael Lazin on 19 Jun 2008 08:29:31 -0700

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[PLUG] Apache 2 configuration on Debian

I was given a server in my company's datacenter to use for testing purposes.  I have imaged it with a minimal debian etch and installed apache 2.  I created user accounts for everyone in my department, and installed apache2.  I am interested in giving everyone webspace in their home directory.  I have used httpd.conf before and simply uncommented a line to get this done, but this apache 2 install only has an apache2.conf  and an empty httpd.conf.  Anyone know of any good resources for configuring apache2 on debian?  apache2.conf looks like the correct configuration file but I don't see a line that I can uncomment to get this done.  I believe I have to add the necessary line.  Anyone with experience with apache2 on debian able to give me some pointers?  Thanks. 

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