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Re: [PLUG] Apache 2 configuration on Debian

From: "Michael Lazin" <>
Subject: [PLUG] Apache 2 configuration on Debian

> I was given a server in my company's datacenter to use for testing 
> purposes. I have imaged it with a minimal debian etch and installed
> apache 2. I created user accounts for everyone in my department, and
> installed apache2. I am interested in giving everyone webspace in
> their home directory. I have used httpd.conf before and simply
> uncommented a line to get this done, but this apache 2 install only
> has an apache2.conf and an empty httpd.conf. Anyone know of any good
> resources for configuring apache2 on debian? apache2.conf looks like
> the correct configuration file but I don't see a line that I can
> uncomment to get this done. I believe I have to add the necessary
> line. Anyone with experience with apache2 on debian able to give me
> some pointers? Thanks.

I'm not an expert, but Debian/Ubuntu use the 
/etc/apache2/sites-available/ and sites-enabled/ directories to control 
a lot of things like that.  I'm pretty sure you can just create a file 
in sites-available/ and then symlink it in sites-enabled/ to activate it.

I like the O'Reilly _Apache Cookbook_ (very short for a cookbook, at < 
230 pages), though you will have to translate the solutions into 
Debian-ese a bit.  The _Linux Cookbook_ also has a bit on this, 
including "22.8 Giving Users Individual Web Directories" though the 
Apache book "5.4 Giving Users Their Own URL" has more discussion.

One of the possible solutions both books cover is just to add "UserDir 
public_html" to the config file.  Then create 'public_html/' dirs in 
each user's $HOME and they can put HTML in there.  Which config file to 
add that to is a good question.  If you put it in apache2.conf, your 
changes might get nuked on upgrades.  (Actually dpkg-reconfigure will 
ask you about them, but...)

I'd probably try something creating 
/etc/apache2/sites-available/user_dirs.conf with that entry, then 
symlinking that into sites-available.

HTH, and good luck,
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