JP Vossen on 18 Jun 2008 00:16:16 -0700

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[PLUG] "Printmaster" for Ubuntu?

My wife asked me to install "Printmaster" on her W2K workstation so she 
could mess around making greeting cards.  The version I have (7) is for 
Win9x/NT (!!) and while it installed fine (in a copy of the VM she 
runs), it crashed on launch.  It didn't work in Wine on Hardy either.

I looked at KreetingKard but was totally unable to get it to do anything 
useful (or even anything at all).  I do run Gnome though.  I finally 
which was not encouraging.

Aside from Scribus, maybe passepartout (though that does not look 
mature), or maybe OpenOffice, does anyone have any good Printmaster 
replacements?  I'm not worried about clipart, and while cross-platform 
is ideal, Linux only is fine too.

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