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Re: [PLUG] possible preso

On Friday 20 June 2008 19:28:09 brent timothy saner wrote:
> jeff wrote:
> > go Treo.  go Treo.  yaaaaaay Treo.
> ehhh, every experience i've had with treo's has been them crashing so
> hard that it was necessary for you to take the battery out and put it
> back in. sometimes that didn't even bring it back up.

I got a Treo because my warranty made me replace my clamshell Palm OS 4.1 
phone with it.  I wasn't enthusiastic.  The Treo is much better than I 

I've used Palm OS devices since the Palm III in 1997.  None of them crashed or 
spontaneously rebooted like this OS 5.x Treo.  OTOH, the battery life 
excellent, the screen is mostly visible in daylight, and I've gotten used to 
the little keyboard.

> > Actually I'm just curious about why people buy Crackberries.  I hear
> > they now support good old POP/SMTP, which is a vast improvement.  I
> > checked them out a while back before recommending the Treo for work and
> > didn't like the proprietary server and OS.  What do you like?
> the proprietary server isn't that much of a problem unless you're
> someone who likes that sort of thing. i'm talking to you, windows
> fanboys. they have IMAP support- it's just implemented REALLY strangely.
> and they've improved a GREAT deal over the past two years. we're talking
> 2.4 > 2.6 kernel difference, if you want an analogy.

How well does it work with Gmail's IMAP?  With MS Exchange 2003?

> it's funny you mention the proprietary OS (or was that worded
> ambiguously?), considering most Treos nowadays use Windows Mobile. ;)
> something tells me i'd have more problems trying to sync up a Treo on a
> linux system than i would a blackberry.
> any treo users in here (NOT linux-based treos)? anyone with a windows
> mobile-based phone at all have any success stories?

Mine is Palm OS.  I sync it with gnome-pilot and the evolution conduits.  
Works almost as well as it does with the Palm Windows HotSync software.  

I load mp3s, unload JPEGs and 3GP movies from the card using a USB adapter 
outside the phone.  It is Linux friendly and much faster than a sync.

> personally, i like the blackberry because it does what i want it to do,
> and a lot of extra stuff (gps and turn-by-turn nav on my mobile device
> == the win. it's pretty impressive so far).

Have you ever used a touch screen PDA?  Do you miss that in your blackberry?  
For me that seems the biggest drawback.  I am way too impatient to scroll.

> > Enjoy the phone.  Remember to lock it in the trunk before your drive.
> > [now THERE's a carry law I can get behind!]
> funny you mention that. i originally read this post while on 476... :/
> (but traffic was at a standstill, and told myself i'd wait till i got
> home to reply).

Think of it this way, if you didn't have the phone you would have to do your 
nails or makeup which tends to get on the steering wheel and seats.

Weather permitting, I'm on two wheels commuting.  I spend a lot of time trying 
to read other drivers eyes and anticipate their moves.  I wish there were 
more drunk drivers on the road and fewer cellphone users in the morning.  I 
trust the driving of the former more.

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