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Re: [PLUG] possible preso


jeff wrote:
> go Treo.  go Treo.  yaaaaaay Treo.

ehhh, every experience i've had with treo's has been them crashing so
hard that it was necessary for you to take the battery out and put it
back in. sometimes that didn't even bring it back up.

> Actually I'm just curious about why people buy Crackberries.  I hear 
> they now support good old POP/SMTP, which is a vast improvement.  I 
> checked them out a while back before recommending the Treo for work and 
> didn't like the proprietary server and OS.  What do you like?

the proprietary server isn't that much of a problem unless you're
someone who likes that sort of thing. i'm talking to you, windows
fanboys. they have IMAP support- it's just implemented REALLY strangely.
and they've improved a GREAT deal over the past two years. we're talking
2.4 > 2.6 kernel difference, if you want an analogy.

it's funny you mention the proprietary OS (or was that worded
ambiguously?), considering most Treos nowadays use Windows Mobile. ;)
something tells me i'd have more problems trying to sync up a Treo on a
linux system than i would a blackberry.
any treo users in here (NOT linux-based treos)? anyone with a windows
mobile-based phone at all have any success stories?

it's really not that bad. they're hackable as hell, it seems, and have a
lot of really great free software being developed for them. i know i'll
piss people off with this statement, but i am simply not convinced that
iphones are all that impressive, especially from an openness standpoint.
apple is actively trying to lock out hackers from exploring and adding
functionality to the phone, whereas RIM seems to just..not care one way
or the other. apathy from a manufacturer is better than
despise/aggression, because it means less chance of a lawsuit.

personally, i like the blackberry because it does what i want it to do,
and a lot of extra stuff (gps and turn-by-turn nav on my mobile device
== the win. it's pretty impressive so far).

> Enjoy the phone.  Remember to lock it in the trunk before your drive.
> [now THERE's a carry law I can get behind!]

funny you mention that. i originally read this post while on 476... :/
(but traffic was at a standstill, and told myself i'd wait till i got
home to reply).

brent saner.
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