jeff on 20 Jun 2008 19:35:16 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] possible preso

brent timothy saner wrote:
> ehhh, every experience i've had with treo's has been them crashing so
> hard that it was necessary for you to take the battery out and put it
> back in. sometimes that didn't even bring it back up.

hey, that only happens once a year or so.
Or while I'm on the phone with Verizon (provider).

> fanboys. they have IMAP support- it's just implemented REALLY strangely.

like Exchange?  :)

> it's funny you mention the proprietary OS (or was that worded
> ambiguously?), considering most Treos nowadays use Windows Mobile. ;)

I wonder what the numbers are (because I see the opposite).

> something tells me i'd have more problems trying to sync up a Treo on a
> linux system than i would a blackberry.

Haven't seen any blackberry syncs to say.  It wasn't exactly a stroll in 
the park to get the Treo to sync but it depends on the client and some 
research (and which port).  Most people seem successful but I'm a 
special case (as they always tell me).

> any treo users in here (NOT linux-based treos)? anyone with a windows
> mobile-based phone at all have any success stories?

my brother had a Win phone of some variety.  He had to reboot it every 
morning so it would work, then frequently during the day.  Not a happy 
camper.  I even got some phone salesmen to admit they had to reboot the 
Win Treos.

> it's really not that bad. they're hackable as hell, it seems, 

that's good.  Haven't heard that.

> piss people off with this statement, but i am simply not convinced that
> iphones are all that impressive, 

We shall stand together and proclaim it proudly, brother.
I'm so tired of hearing that it is the second coming.  If you like it, 
good for you.  Stop the hype.  My phone did everything yours does years 
ago (except for rotating the display - I'll live).  And I don't have to 
ask Steve Jobs' permission every time I put music on it.

> personally, i like the blackberry because it does what i want it to do,

exactly.  This is the reason people should buy phones.

> and a lot of extra stuff (gps and turn-by-turn nav on my mobile device

Precise location, as in you can be precisely located.  Evil. Run.
Most recent phones have GPSes.  Most recent cars have black boxes.
Next up: videocams on the street.  It's for the children.
Wanna see my chip?

I never would have thought I'd find myself agreeing with Very Religious 
Christians but here we are.  End of rant.

> funny you mention that. i originally read this post while on 476... :/
> (but traffic was at a standstill, and told myself i'd wait till i got
> home to reply).

so that was YOU!!

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