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Re: [PLUG] possible preso now PalmOS

On Friday 20 June 2008 21:29:37 Glenn Kelley wrote:
> Cannot get it to sync to the MAC - guess I need to purchase something  
> to make that happen :-(

I think the Palm-authored Mac software is free.  You should try syncing with 
Linux, though.

I use gnome-pilot because I sync via Evolution to my employer's exchange 
server.  Another advantage of gnome-pilot over kpilot is that the former lets 
you configure multiple ttyUSB ports, whereas kpilot only lets you configure 
one, /dev/pilot by default.  To get it to work right, you sometimes have to 
write dbus/hal rules to link your device's actual USB port to /dev/pilot.  
Besides being a PITA, my handhelds tended to pick different ttyUSB numbers 
every time they connected.  

I haven't tried it in a while though, and I understand that dbus has evolved 
to the point where this isn't as big an issue.  The sole kpilot developer 
uses BSD, and the BSD kernels tended to handle the USB better a couple of 
years ago.  I don't know how that has improved on the Linux side in the past 
year or so.

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