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Re: [PLUG] Linux-compatible personal audio players?

On Tuesday 24 June 2008 9:39:15 am Floyd Johnson wrote:
> Can anyone recommend an MP3 (or other audio format) playing device that
> is supported by Linux (heck, if Fedora 7 sees it as a drive, that's
> excellent), under $65, and will work for more than three months? The
> Craig Electronics 128MB device I bought in January (about $25) seems to
> have developed a short, preventing the power from staying on.

I saw iPod shuffles at Target for under $50.  Supported very well by Amarok.  
When I was foolish enough to use anything else, I found them well supported 
by gtkpod.

I have several iPods, at least 3 years old each, hand-me-downs from my kids.  
All still work fine, the flash memory shuffles as well as the HD-based mini.

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