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Re: [PLUG] Xubuntu auto mount


I struggled with the same thing and devised a script that runs when a user logs 
in.  It requires that sudo be configured to allow a user script to mount file 
systems.  Here is a copy of the script that I run today with a few identifying 
items removed:


cd ~/MOUNTS/

for dir in  user share music
    cd $dir >> /dev/null
    RES=`df -h . | gawk '/MOUNTS/ { print 1 } '`
    if  test "$RES" == '1' ; then
       echo $dir is mounted
       echo mounting $dir
       sudo /sbin/mount.cifs //MOUNTS/$dir /home/user/MOUNTS/$dir/ --verbose -o 
    cd ..

It's a hack but it works.  In the future I'd use the names of the existing 
directories in the "MOUNTS" directory an mapping to the server shares to be mounted.

I put a link to this file in the KDE directory that contains scripts to run on 
startup but you will, of course, have to choose a different course.

Hope this helps!


Adam J. Zion wrote:
> This should be an easy one, but it hasn't been.
> Let's say I have multiple users on a linux box. How can I configure it
> so that, if ilana logs on, she's automatically connected to her share on
> the linux server, and if adam logs in I'm automatically connected to my
> share. Note: all shares are SMB.
> Thx.
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