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Re: [PLUG] Xubuntu auto mount

In the message dated: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 11:38:01 CDT,
The pithy ruminations from "Adam J. Zion" on 
<[PLUG] Xubuntu auto mount> were:
=> This should be an easy one, but it hasn't been.

This sentence implies that you've tried some things...of course, since you 
haven't given any details, it's much more difficult to help out.


The answer is in the subject line of your question...
=> Let's say I have multiple users on a linux box. How can I configure it 
=> so that, if ilana logs on, she's automatically connected to her share on 
=> the linux server, and if adam logs in I'm automatically connected to my 
=> share. Note: all shares are SMB.

	man autofs automount


=> Thx.
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