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Re: [PLUG] OpenSuse 11.x Kernel Question

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Thanks and yes I am. The problem is that the initial (generic)config created crashes when it gets to the sata drive.

does it have an initrd? if not, make one. i'd also try to track down
what options the old kernel has, and what modules (cat /proc/modules;
lsmod) it has as well. my guess is either:

-it doesn't have the sata channels compiled-in (NOT as modules!)
-it doesn't have the ext2/3/reiserfs/whatever fs you're using driver
compiled in (NOT as a module!)

i'd also double-check the arch of the kernel headers, /just/ in case.

if your grub entry has "quiet" or "splash" anywhere at all in the entry,
remove them so you can see just what the hell is going on.

> I'm lazy and don't want to have to set all those options having to guess at some of them.

it should use a stock SuSE kernel (i.e. SuSE options already selected)
OOB, so you'd only need to enable the wifi-patched components.

> You don't use OpenSuse if you want a lean mean kernel. You use something like Gentoo.

well.. true (~5-10 second boot times == AWESOME) but this is moreso for
across-the-board stuff. sometimes patching the kernel is necessary, no
matter what distro/

> Yes, the make install script auto-magically adds the required and additional entries in the grub config.

it does? i've always had to copy/link it over to /boot and add an entry
to grub's menu.lst by hand. but i've never used SuSE, so..

> Yes Suse uses grub by default with lilo or whatever you want as an option. It keeps the default working kernel as your default and in the grub menu until and very smartly you know that your kernel works.  

great! that'll speed the thing up greatly.

lastly, follow matthews suggestions regarding oldconfig. if the
/boot/config is, in fact, a kernel .config and not some sort of
initrd-autogen config or something crazy like that, then it'll save you
a lot of time.

and you DEFINITELY do NOT want to edit .config by hand.

a third choice, i believe there's a make kconfig for a QT kernel
configuration utility (there's also gconfig for gnome and xconfig for
twm, and menuconfig for ncurses. i prefer menuconfig to avoid the
overhead, but meh).

brent saner.
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