Glenn Kelley on 7 Jul 2008 21:03:08 -0700

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[PLUG] Maia Mail Guard

I am -sadly- out of town.
Does anyone want to make a few quick bucks ? installing Maia Mail  
Guard on a server
I can get someone to get you remote access...

On Vacation for the week - and easier if I have someone else do the job.

OS is CentOS
Server Dual Xeon 8 CORE CPU 4GB Ram in 401 N. Broad Street in Philly
running VMWare - (you will be installing onto VMWARE instance running  
CentOS or the os of your choice)

System will need to work w/ cPanel (i know i know... i can hear you  
now :-) ) so that the accounts on the cPanel server also have accounts  
on the MAIA server

Please email privately.

I am hoping to have this done for $100 or close to that cost if  
possible... otherwise I will have to wait till I am back from Vaca to  
play and meet this need.


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