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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Logo! And LinkedIn

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 2:55 AM, Matthew Rosewarne
<mrosewarne@inoutbox.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 24 August 2008, Michael Leone wrote:
>> You can't use "organized" and "PLUG" in the same sentence, you know.
>> Example of sedate anarchy, maybe ... :-)
> "sedate anarchy" == socks and sandals?

Exactly. The non-violent, non-overthrow of non-authority ...

>> PLUG isn't really an organization, the way most people think of one. No
>> officers, no by-laws or rules, no dues, no official spokesperson, etc.
> Well, at least PLUG still has its bank account in Bermuda and its remote
> underground facility.

Shhhhh! That's supposed to be *secret*, remember? Now everybody will
their own Teslas ....


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