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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Logo! And LinkedIn

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 6:07 AM, Elizabeth Bevilacqua
<lyz@princessleia.com> wrote:
> She'll be sending over some other formats of the file, and the
> licensing will be a free one, but we haven't settled on which
> (suggestions are welcome, leaning toward Creative Commons for easiest
> use for anyone who wants it). I'll add all versions and licensing
> information to that logo.html page once I have it.

Stephanie came up with the following:

"I grant PLUG the rights to use the images however it sees fit. Others
can use the Franklin Tux images via a CC BY-NC license (by Stephanie
Fox for PLUG/phillylinux.org, based on Larry Ewing's Tux). The NC
restriction is waived if proceeds from the commercial use of the image
are given to PLUG."

Licensing is not my forte - but based on discussion I think this
should work out OK?

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