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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Logo! And LinkedIn

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 9:49 AM, William H. Magill
<magill@mcgillsociety.org> wrote:

> The issue is ... If some other entity uses it, adopts it, for their
> own purposes,
> and uses it in COPYRIGHTED advertising materials of their own, then
> PLUG could loose its
> right to use it, even though PLUG originated it.

Not to be rude about it, but ... so?

We've been an organization for 13 years without a logo. If we can't
use that one, what have we lost? Not a lot, that I can see. It's not
like we've got a commercial reputation to protect ...

> All you need to do is to look at all the patents granted that CLEARLY
> were preceded
> by "prior art," but which no one contested because they did not have
> the money which
> the "filing" entity had. And now we are stuck with having to pay
> royalties on things
> which had previously been "in the public domain" for many years.

No offense, but do you really think PLUG would pay royalties for
anything? Much less a logo? :-) Suppose someone does hijack it;
someone else will come up with another logo for PLUG. In the
intervening time, I'm sure PLUG will go on as before.

We're definitely making WAAAY too much from one silly little penguin
in a Ben Franklin wig ....

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