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Re: [PLUG] pre-owned ThinkPads?

Just be careful - eBay is also spelled "caveat emptor"

I purchased a used X-20 when the video card in my old one stopped 
working.  The one I purchased was only $180 and setup was as easy as 
moving the hard drive over - but the seller neglected to tell me that 
the network card was non-functional.  Fortunately, I could move the 
network card from my old X-20 in only 15 minutes so I recovered from 
that one easily.

I like and recommend thinkpads - used or otherwise.  My X-20 is close to 
6 years old (600 MHz PIII with 368 MB RAM max) but runs 24x7 running a 
telephony app without complaint.


Floyd Johnson wrote:
> Dear PLUGgers,
> My Latitude CPx went THPTH! (not to be confused with thttpd) recently, 
> and I am puzzling over getting a rig on eBay.
> Are used ThinkPads, in your experience, laptops that will overall hold 
> up for more than three years? If not, what's generally the best 
> second-hand make and model?
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