brent timothy saner on 26 Aug 2008 07:13:30 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] [EXTREMELY OT!] [beating a dead horse] PLUG Logo! And LinkedIn

Art Alexion wrote:

> You create something that is harmful to persons or property.  You sell it 
> someone is harmed.  You may be liable.
> You give it away.  Someone or something is harmed.  You may be liable.
> If you harm someone through something you provided them, it doesn't matter 
> whether you gave it to them or sold it to them.  In some bizarre, but real, 
> situations, you may be responsible even if they stole it from you.
> Putting something in the public domain is no different than giving it away.
> I'm not trying to foment paranoia.  The likelihood that PLUG or Stephanie 
> would ever get sued over this logo is almost zero.  I just couldn't let a 
> misconception that people who put their creations in the public domain 
> thereby shield themselves from liability go unchallenged.

just changing the thread to a more accurate subject line for ease of
archival purposes.
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