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Re: [PLUG] pre-owned ThinkPads?

On Tuesday 26 August 2008, Sasha R wrote:
> Get a T4x or X4x model. Those things are indestructible and amazing
> machines. The only thing you should have to replace is the battery.
> Unfortunately, you'll note that they still go for 300-400 bucks. For that
> kinda money you can probably get a brand new shiny machine, albeit of
> dubious structural quality from an offbrand or get find a deal on a lower
> end HP or something. Laptop prices really have come down. BTW a T42 runs
> compiz just fine.

*Someone* (in the heat of panic) got a used T43 to replace a dead T23.  Since 
he's not used to buying hardware with Linux in mind, he managed to get a 
machine with an ATI video card and an abysmal 1024x768 screen.

While the low-res screen is merely an annoyance, the ATI card has been a 
constant source of pain.  So:

	/ If you get a used/refurbished Thinkpad \
	| make sure you get one with Intel       |
	\ graphics!                              /
	       |o_o |
	       |:_/ |
	      //   \ \
	     (|     | )
	    /'\_   _/`\

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