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Re: [PLUG] pre-owned ThinkPads?

the ati cards in the T4x series pretty much work ok now with whatever flavour of Lin you prefer, as for 1024x768 its what youre gonna get

On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 10:46, Matthew Rosewarne <> wrote:
On Tuesday 26 August 2008, Sasha R wrote:
> Get a T4x or X4x model. Those things are indestructible and amazing
> machines. The only thing you should have to replace is the battery.
> Unfortunately, you'll note that they still go for 300-400 bucks. For that
> kinda money you can probably get a brand new shiny machine, albeit of
> dubious structural quality from an offbrand or get find a deal on a lower
> end HP or something. Laptop prices really have come down. BTW a T42 runs
> compiz just fine.

*Someone* (in the heat of panic) got a used T43 to replace a dead T23.  Since
he's not used to buying hardware with Linux in mind, he managed to get a
machine with an ATI video card and an abysmal 1024x768 screen.

While the low-res screen is merely an annoyance, the ATI card has been a
constant source of pain.  So:

       / If you get a used/refurbished Thinkpad \
       | make sure you get one with Intel       |
       \ graphics!                              /
              |o_o |
              |:_/ |
             //   \ \
            (|     | )
           /'\_   _/`\

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