Eric on 12 Sep 2008 10:26:24 -0700

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Oh!  Folderview?  I'll have to look into that... thanks!

I still like to be able to drag or save files to my desktop while I'm 
working on them and then "file" them later and it's irritating (but not 
fatal) that dolphin does not allow me to drag a file to the desktop.  I 
suppose I'll adapt :-)

Also, my normal desktop is a "bar" across the top with frequently used 
applications and the backgrounded apps like truecrypt, update, volume, 
etc.  Then I have a thin bar across the bottom with the taskbar and 
virtual desktop pager.  In KDE4 I cannot find the controls to add, 
reposition, or configure the bars.  Am I missing a package perhaps?



Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> On Friday 12 September 2008, Eric wrote:
>> Okay, I was (partly) wrong.  KDE 4 is _really_ nice.  I don't like the
>> widget-only desktop but I found a pseudo-clever way to get the few icons
>> I need on my desktop (run a KDE 3.x session and create the icons you
>> need - they appear when you log back in under KDE4.)
> A cleaner approach would be to add a new folderview that points to a folder
> with .desktop files in it.
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