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[PLUG] Tom Tom One "tracker" and

During the very interesting PLUG W preso by Richard 
Weait, we wondered if the Tom Tom ONE unit was capable of enabling the 
"tracker" functionality needed to map streets.  It seems like the answer 
is yes, at least for some units.

It looks like it requires the addition of a terminal, and--wait for 
it--BASIC!  (aaarrrrgggghhhhh)
With a virtual Keyboard, you can enter shell commands. (To activate the 
virtual keyboard, you have to touch the upper right corner of the 
screen.) Is is recommended to use a pen instead of your fingers.
Unpack the binary package (zip file) and move the contents to your 
tomtom Directory (e.g. /media/INTERNAL) just as they are. Thats it. It 
is not necessary to rebuild the systems kernel. You do not need 
opentomlinux! You can use the device with navigation software as before. 
The icon for TTconsole should appear in the setting menu.

[...] [ >>> Emphasis mine <<< ]
TTTracklog: This is a very simple tool, which logs the nmea data, which 
directly is emmitted from the gps-receiver to files on the sdcard. It 
uses very less system resources and is supposed to run completely in the 
background. At the moment, the only way to run it is from the TTconsole. 
But it can be put in the background, so it persists even when the 
TTconsole is closed and the TomTom is been used in normal navigation 
mode. >>>>>>>The log-files finally can be converted to .gpx data files, 
which then can be used in many gps data and tracklog processing 
applications. I upload mine to<<<<<<< It appears that 
the TomTom-GPS data is surprisingly accurate (at least compared to a 

See also:

Thanks to Bahaskar for the pointer.

I don't know when I'll have a chance to try this, but it does sound 
interesting.  I really like the part about not having to recompile 
anything and just adding stuff to a memory card.

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