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Re: [PLUG] Tom Tom One "tracker" and OpenStreetMap.org

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On Sep 16, 2008, at 1:05 AM, JP Vossen wrote:

> During the very interesting OpenStreetMap.org PLUG W preso by Richard
> Weait, we wondered if the Tom Tom ONE unit was capable of enabling the
> "tracker" functionality needed to map streets.  It seems like the  
> answer
> is yes, at least for some units.
> It looks like it requires the addition of a terminal, and--wait for
> it--BASIC!  (aaarrrrgggghhhhh)
> http://opentom.org/TTconsole

I used <http://web.tiscali.it/macri/Event_Logger/> with my GO700 about  
4 years ago (we've since switched to Navigon).  Still seems to be  
actively maintained and quite a bit simpler to install.  Just need to  
place some files on the card/hard drive of the TomTom and edit a few  
menus (plain text files) to add icons for Event_Logger things.  The  
boot process looks for a ttn binary on the fs and if it doesn't find  
it executes the one found in firmware (the firmware copy is updated on  
upgrades, I believe the fs binary is used just when preforming  
upgrades but not sure).

Event_Logger places a ttn shell script on the fs that starts  
Event_Logger in the background and then starts up the ttn binary in  
the firmware.  Event_Logger uses TomTom's published spool based API  
in /var somewhere (Hey, it's been four years).  You place a request in  
the right directory with a random name.  The contents of the file are  
the command and arguments for it.  The TomTom software will open and  
then delete the file.  Output is in another spool directory with a  
file named the same name as the request.  Commands available include  
requesting current GPS position, having a notification window appear  
with text, etc.

I've fed a few gpsx files from Event_Logger through a web based GPSX- 
 >Google Maps tool (<http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/>) and they are  
available at <http://thegrebs.com/~michael/gps/>


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