Art Alexion on 29 Sep 2008 05:04:08 -0700

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[PLUG] User repair

Relatively new install of ubuntu hardy on an eeepc. One of my  
coworkers set it up and I don't know if it is something that they did.  
The 1000 user can't mount and hal won't automount removable media  
because of permissions.

The two GUI tools I have tried to correct this are Users & Groups, and  
Authorizations. Still no go.

I am thinking of trying a new approach. Create a new user. If the new  
user has the correct permissions, remove the current handicapped 1000  
user, and delete the corresponding home directory. Then recreate a new  
user with that name.

I have never removed the primary 1000 account. Should I expect any  
problems? Is there a better way to fix this?

I have searched for answers to the permissions problem and the lack of  
answers leads me to believe the problem is with something we did, and  
no one else has encountered.


Art Alexion
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