Casey Bralla on 5 Oct 2008 07:29:23 -0700

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[PLUG] Icecast/ices2 configuration question

I had this working a year or so ago, but changed things and now need to get 
icecast working again.

I have mpd, icecast, and ices2 running on the same server.   I want to use the 
output of the sound card as the input to the ices2 server, but can't figure 
out how to do it.

I know it can be done (on my hardware) because I did it a year ago, but can't 
remember how I did it.

My icecast server is working fine.  I can connect and see the streams without 
difficulty.  mpd is producing output on the soundcard.  The ices2 server is 
running on my system.  The only problem is I'm not getting any audio, because 
the input to the ices2 process appears to be muted.   

Can anybody give me a suggestion of what to try?


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