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Re: [PLUG] Google groups, OT

Seems to me that usenet groups have been supplanted by
technologies like the wiki and forums, and of course mailing
lists and as you say blogs.  I agree that most users
probably don't know that they are out there.  In addition,
usenet is under assault because of it's use to distribute
copyrighted materials.

It is my basic understanding that Comcast is one of many
providers happily backing out of providing usenet services.

My $0.02.


Julien Mills wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just an observation... over the past many years when
> I've been trying to solve a problem I've been finding
> that the Usenet groups to be less and less helpful.
> Maybe I've suppressed bitter memories but I remember
> searching deja and later google and usually finding 
> something intelligent about what I was trying to do.  
> Lately maybe I'm doing some more complicated stuff.
> What I'm thinking is going on maybe: people are blogging
> and using discussion groups on certain web sites
> instead of reading and posting to the groups.  And Usenet 
> groups are kind of fading a bit, newer users may not really
> know they're out there.
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