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Re: [PLUG] External Harddrive Woes

I remember having a lot of trouble at first with NTFS and linux.  Now if
I could only remember how I fixed it :)

There are many people here with more experience than me and hopefully
they'll speak up.  In their absence, it never hurts to back up (or
rescue) your data.  I believe `dd' copies data sector by sector and you
can run any utilities you want from the resulting image.  It's like
forensics, where you copy all of the data and work on the copy so you
don't damage or alter the original. ddrescue is another one.

The fact that the files became usable again is probably significant.
Did permissions change?
You're very lucky - chkdsk can potentially do a lot of damage.

I have used `foremost' with some success also.

Good luck.

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