Michael Leone on 13 Oct 2008 18:45:55 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] External Harddrive Woes

Sasha R wrote:
> A couple weeks ago I got a shiny new tb seagate external and all was well.
> Yesterday Nautilus refused to show the contents of certain folders on the
> drive, saying they were empty. From terminal ls shows all the files but they
> are un-openable. I have the drive formatted ntfs to facilitate sharing with
> less enlightened friends and I suspected bad sectors.

You mean physically sharing, right? You plan on handing the drive back
and forth between users? If you mean sharing over a LAN, using SAMBA,
the underlying fs on the drive is transparent to the Windows or Mac
(Macs run SAMBA, too) users.

> I was wondering first if it is possible to fsck an ntfs volume? I wasnt sure
> of this so after 4 hours in windoze chkdsk said it had failed, *but *my
> files became usable again. Is this drive safe to continue using for a bit or
> should I do my best to get the data off ASAP and rma the thing to seagate.

I'd send it back. Used to be, using NTFS in R/W mode in Linux was
discouraged. If your "less enlightened" friends don't mind, perhaps
using a simpler fs, such as FAT32, would be in order. Unless they need
the larger filesize and ACL support that NTFS provides ...

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