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Re: [PLUG] PDF Editing in OOo 3.0

On Friday 24 October 2008 11:20:34 am Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> As far as I'm aware, the idea of pdfedit is to tweak PDFs in case the
> output isn't quite right, not to do any serious composition or editing.

But it allows you to really edit the PostScript guts of the PDF.  It is that 
power that makes it difficult for casual users.

> One of the other tools I've had success with is pdf2svg, which generally
> produces something editable in inkscape.

Does the SVG format support multiple pages?

> Scribus also has a PDF import functionality through GhostScript, though
> GhostScript seems to choke on some files.

Scribus import of PDFs was most promising and least satisfying in practice.

> None of these is going to work on scanned pages, but there's always
> pdfimages.

Well that's what is promising about OOo 3.  We should be able to take the 
image and, at minimum superimpose text on the image where a "blank" should 
be.  At best, it will allow the creation of form fields that can be saved 
with the PDF and completed and printed in a PDF reader.

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