Mike Chirico on 29 Oct 2008 14:13:48 -0700

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[PLUG] Project Euler - Site for practicing scripting/coding

If you're looking for some interesting and short problems to solve in
your favorite language, you might want to checkout project Euler:


Carefully, it's addictive.

It's a free site with a new math problem posted every week. All
problems can be solved in under a minute of computing time. But, of
course, it will take longer (maybe 25 minutes to an hour) to write and
test your program.

Once you submit an answer, you can see how other people solved
it. Again it can be done in any language: Ruby,C,C++,Python, PHP and
even Assembler (which a few people do all the problems in).

It really doesn't require any special math skills to come up with an
answer - just a little inductive chain learning.


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