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[PLUG] OT: Dishwasher

OK, OK, I know this is way off topic.  But I know some of you are 
do-it-yourselfers and I hope some of you are appliance hackers.

My reasonably fancy, stainless steel interior, 
recommended dishwasher (circa 2001 Kenmore (i.e. Whirlpool or GE) Elite 
665.16912001) isn't working very well.  It leaves white residue all over 
everything and just generally isn't cleaning well.  Per Googling the 
heck out of it I've:

* Cleaned the inside
* Disassembled the inside and made sure nothing (that I can find) is 
blocked or clogged
* Run cycles with white vinegar
* Made sure it has "rinse aid"

Nothing has helped much, or for long.  AFAICT, it is filling, heating, 
and working OK, except that it doesn't clean right.  The only thing I 
haven't done is pulled it out from the cabinet and taken it totally 
apart and I'm not sure I want to blow half a day doing that.

Any suggestions or guidance?

Thanks, and I now return the list to the usual F/OSS and flamewars,

PS--In the interest of full disclosure I'll note that the control panel 
buttons(?) simply stopped working one day in 2005 and had to be replaced.

PPS--And it start nuking thermal fuses circa 2006 and after replacing a 
number of them I just wired around it.  (Yes, I understand why that 
might be a Bad Idea and no, I don't run the thing unattended.  This is 
apparently a known issue that goes back to the mid 1990's, which really 
annoys me that a) they haven't fixed it and b) ConsumerReports liked the 
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