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Re: [PLUG] OT: Dishwasher

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JP Vossen wrote:
> OK, OK, I know this is way off topic.  But I know some of you are 
> do-it-yourselfers and I hope some of you are appliance hackers.
> My reasonably fancy, stainless steel interior, 
> recommended dishwasher (circa 2001 Kenmore (i.e. Whirlpool or GE) Elite 
> 665.16912001) isn't working very well.  It leaves white residue all over 
> everything and just generally isn't cleaning well.  Per Googling the 
> heck out of it I've:
> * Cleaned the inside
> * Disassembled the inside and made sure nothing (that I can find) is 
> blocked or clogged
> * Run cycles with white vinegar
> * Made sure it has "rinse aid"
> Nothing has helped much, or for long.  AFAICT, it is filling, heating, 
> and working OK, except that it doesn't clean right.  The only thing I 
> haven't done is pulled it out from the cabinet and taken it totally 
> apart and I'm not sure I want to blow half a day doing that.
> Any suggestions or guidance?
> Thanks, and I now return the list to the usual F/OSS and flamewars,
> JP
> PS--In the interest of full disclosure I'll note that the control panel 
> buttons(?) simply stopped working one day in 2005 and had to be replaced.
> PPS--And it start nuking thermal fuses circa 2006 and after replacing a 
> number of them I just wired around it.  (Yes, I understand why that 
> might be a Bad Idea and no, I don't run the thing unattended.  This is 
> apparently a known issue that goes back to the mid 1990's, which really 
> annoys me that a) they haven't fixed it and b) ConsumerReports liked the 
> unit.)
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To clean Dishwasher. take a tablespoon of Tang(the mixup drink) and run
it through 1 cycle. Dont know why it works ,it just does.

Stewart Lone
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