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Re: [PLUG] OT: Dishwasher

JP Vossen wrote:
> OK, OK, I know this is way off topic.  

[omits off-topc rant about off-topic-icity]

> My reasonably fancy, stainless steel interior, 
> recommended dishwasher (circa 2001 Kenmore (i.e. Whirlpool or GE) Elite 
> 665.16912001) isn't working very well.  It leaves white residue all over 
> everything and just generally isn't cleaning well.  

I think I understand.

Tell `your friend' that he needs to see a doctor about his `dishwasher.'
It's perfectly normal and happens to all dishwashers after a certain 
age.  Your friend just needs to take his dishwasher to the doctor for a 
checkup.  Ok?

If your friend is curious, he can Google Benign Dishwasher Hypertrophy.

> PS--In the interest of full disclosure I'll note that the control panel 
> buttons(?) simply stopped working one day in 2005 and had to be replaced.

Oh.  The `buttons.'
That's a different matter entirely.

Your friend hasn't been trying to push water through the output valve, 
has he?  That's an additional complexity.

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