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Re: [PLUG] Fwd: Important notice about your Verizon Yahoo! account

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 2:35 PM, brent timothy saner
<brent.saner@gmail.com> wrote:
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> Art Alexion wrote:
>> 1984, 2008 Edition.
>> We make you our advertising mule so that we can deliver more services to you.
>> Meanwhile, by the way, we are doing away with the services we have always
>> provided to you.
> was it honestly necessary to forward that entire thing to the list?

Is it necessary to make such a big deal about *1* email? Are you
worried about the bandwidth consumed, or the disk apce consumed by it?
It's 1 email, by a long time and respected member. It's not like he
innundates the list with junk.

> not only did you do that, you included the original message as an
> attachment.
> i am unsure how the other members of the list feel, but i would greatly
> appreciate it if you showed restraint in the future and did not post
> something like this again.
> i get plenty of spam already, i don't need any more (archived to my
> mailing list directory, at that).

Well, from the non-attachment part, you could have taken a fairly
accurate guess at the contents, and deleted it, and so it wouldn't
have been archived ...

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