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[PLUG] the perpetual off-topic debate (WAS Fwd: Important notice ...)

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"Is it necessary to make such a big deal about *1* email? Are you
worried about the bandwidth consumed, or the disk apce consumed by it?
It's 1 email, by a long time and respected member. It's not like he
innundates the list with junk."

without extenuating this thread even further (and hence me making a new
thread, since it's beyond the subject of the OP), if you'll notice my

> i am unsure how the other members of the list feel, but i would greatly
> appreciate it if you showed restraint in the future and did not post
> something like this again.

clearly insinuates i'd rather this didn't happen AGAIN. he may not be
inundating the list, but i'd rather it not happen again. if the post had
something useful or relevant, i probably would be much less opposed to
it. "Yahoo moves to Linux servers" i'd be happy with. "Yahoo advertises
linux services" i'd be happy with.

but yahoo + advertising? i'm really not seeing the relevancy there.

the reason i don't think things this off-topic should be relevant is
attributed to not only the fact that the subject matter isn't related
but also because since they're so off-topic (without even such a warning
such as "OT:" - which doesn't give a free do-whatever-you-want ticket
but at least lets me filter it out to a spam directory), we get into
little discussions in which we need to EXPLAIN WHY they aren't relevant
and therefore flood everyone's inbox even moreso.

for that reason, this is my last response to this thread. feel free to
contact me off-list if you'd like to continue this discussion.
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