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Re: [PLUG] directory permissions corrupted in 8.10

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 2:22:02 pm Chad Waters wrote:
> > I am thinking it is a recent change in samba or hal.
> I skipped through bug reports and didn't notice anything similar.
> You should file one:

I want to, but I first want to identify which package is causing the problem.

Six or eight months ago, I had a similar problem in the same environment.

I had a spare computer on which I installed Ubuntu (gutsy?).  Whenever 
somebody's computer would go down requiring a time consuming repair, I would 
give them this PC, create an account for them, configure evo for our exchange 
server, and edit /etc/fstab so that their user folder on the file server 
would mount on /mnt/H (our windows users have this folder mapped to H:).

At some point, I learned that something that I was doing, either the multiple 
users, or multiple mounts of different points of the same tree on the server 
was causing the problem.  I can't recall what the problem was anymore, 
though.  The fix, I recall was simple, a forehead slapper.

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