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Re: [PLUG] VM offerings and USB support

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 3:26:30 pm JP Vossen wrote:
> > I have settled into kvm because its snappy and doesn't seem to have
> > problems with the kernel updates.  That said, I hadn't fired it up
> > since spring taxes and it seems to have changed dramatically since
> > then.  I had created Kmenu entries for different configurations, and
> > none of them work anymore.  A lot of the stuff I used to do via the
> > command parameters seem to now be defaults, and it doesn't recognize
> > my old commands.
> That's disappointing.  OTOH, kvm and similar seem to be improving at a
> phenomenal rate, which is gonna break a few eggs.

Oh, I wasn't complaining,  With minimal trial and error, I found that what I 
had been doing with maybe 5 parameters, can now be accomplished with 2.

> [...]
> > I didn't realize that iTunes currently doesn't support USB 1.1.  When
> > my son ran it a few years ago on a PIII, it complained, transferred
> > files slower, but ran nonetheless.
> As far as I can tell, it doesn't.  At any rate, about 1.5 years ago I
> was totally unable to get iTunes 7.something to work on W2K in a VMWare
> Server 1.x VM on top of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.  It would sort-of recognize
> that the iPod was there, but it was unable to do anything with it.

That's not a good sign.  I really didn't want to do a dual boot.  That would 
also probably require that I change the file system of my music partition to 
NTFS or fat32.

Has anyone actually installed the ssh and ftp servers on the iTouch so that 
gtkpod can access it.

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