Claude M. Schrader on 17 Nov 2008 20:32:23 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] network hardware follies

On 09:06 Sat 15 Nov     , Eric wrote:
> I'd like to hook it directly to a pc running Kubuntu and run nmap.  Can I use a 
> "crossover" Ethernet cable for that purpose?  I just happen to have one.  If I 
> do that is the IP address even relevant as long as it goes out of the Ethernet port?
> What kind of nmap scan would be the quickest and still be most likely detect the 
> unit?  I tried a ping scan over the home network and it takes about 40 seconds 
> to scan the range.  At that rate the entire range 
> will be about 3 hours.  I'm trying not to think about the range. 
> Okay, okay... I thought about it: 728 hours or about 1 month.  I'd rather try #2 
> or #3 first :-)

here's another method you could use:
-connect a computer directly to the router, using a crossover cable if
necessary. (newer machines can auto-detect this)
-set your computer's IP to the gateway IP of the subnet you are scanning
-ping the broadcast IP, in this case you would do, "ping -b".
-It may or may not respond to the ping, but check your computer's arp table
with "arp -a". If it is configured for an IP in that segment, it should be in there.
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