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[PLUG] PLUG West: which processors have Intel VT and AMD Pacifica (links)

A question came up in the PLUG West meeting last night as to how one
goes about figuring out if a processor has virtualization extensions.

Intel Processor Finder
- http://processorfinder.intel.com/
AMD Compare
- http://products.amd.com/en-us/

Odds and ends:
Some BIOS are written specifically to shut off VT and Pacifica on
cheap machines.  You can test the el-cheapos in store with a live cd
and cat /proc/cpuinfo for some value.

Some machines support VT/Pacifica but have it turned off in the BIOS.
So you might have to reboot your machine to change the BIOS settings.

On Intel machine for better performance look for a VT-d enable
chipset.  The first to have this is the Q45 I think.

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