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Re: [PLUG] OT: hw repo (was What to do w/ 3-yr-old outboard CD burner?)

It's the quantity that makes this problematic.  I've collected so much
debris over the years, I don't know where to start with listing it. This is
precisely why it hasn't found it's way on freecycle yet.  On the other hand,
when I see someone looking for something I have on freecycle, I offer it up.

Maybe we should schedule an annual (or more frequent) hardware swap meet.

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Jonathan, why not just announce your pile of old junk on this list and ask
anyone wants to come get it?

Even though I preach, teach, and generally practice the fine art of "5S", I 
can't resist the siren's call of free computer junk.

Whatcha got you're trying to get rid of?   <only-half-facetious mode>When
I come get it? </only-half-facetious mode>

On Friday 12 December 2008 11:47:09 am wrote:
> Not a bad idea... I have a ton of stuff I will never use (I've been
> old hardware out for the trash every single week for 2 months. It's not
> gone yet).
> As you say, storage is the problem.  Maybe we need a "geekcycle" along the
> lines of freecycle :)
> Oooh, on that note.. What if we had like a community hardware repo- we
> donate our legacy but still functional hardware to it in case someone else
> needs it (as demonstrated by this email)?
> Only problem is where to stor them...
> I know I've needed an old case for a routerbox I'm buildiing (the one I'm
> builind's mobo don't support booting from usb, has only one ide and no
> sata! And has no PXE-boot capabiliyies) and since looks don't matter I've
> been holding out hoping for a little ancient case I could use to do some
> mounting magic on


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