Casey Bralla on 18 Dec 2008 02:56:17 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] how to backup/restore with XFS?

I did something similar this year when I migrated my ReiserFS IDE disk to a 
larger IDE disk.

I booted to a live CD, then used rsync to copy all the files.  (rsync worked 
better than regular cp since it could be interupted and dealt with minor 
problems better).

I suggest you boot to a live CD, rsync everything to a USB disk, then repeat 
the process in reverse the process once you have the new disk installed.

Good luck!

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 9:37:00 pm Jonathan E. Magen wrote:
> Friends,
> I knew this day would come, the hard disk on my beloved ThinkPad has
> reached the end of it's life (it's rated for ~600k load/unload cycles
> and it's gone over 1m). Lenovo support has a new one on the way and I
> need to consider how to move my system over. Though I've backed up all
> of my important files and the like, I was wondering if there is a way
> to move my whole system over to avoid having to reinstall Debian, etc.
> XFS is my filesystem of choice and I know that it can dump a complete
> filesystem image to be restored later. Does anyone have any experience
> with this who could tell me if it's possible to dump and restore my
> root and home partitions on another hard disk? Can an entire system be
> moved like this at all?
> The disk will be here in 1-2 days so I've got that long to figure out
> if I can reliably get fancy with XFS or whether I need to consider
> other options.


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